Cybersecurity (Infosec, Data Security) is the procedure by which data in any form (e.g. print, electronic) is kept secure from unauthorized access, illegal use, alteration, or any other form of corruption, and includes both the storage and transference of data.

In terms of Data Security, Technometrics offers services on an ad hock basis or by customizing security practices and protocols that identify and eliminate weaknesses within a business. We provide both product and service solutions in this regard.

Cybersecurity Solutions


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Strategy.

Cybersecurity Posture and Maturity Assessment.

Cybersecurity Gap Analysis and Roadmap Development.

Bangladesh Bank ICT Guideline Assessment.

SWIFT Security Assessment.

Cloud Security Services.

ISO 27001 Advisory & Certification.

PCI-DSS Advisory & Certification.


Identity and Access Management Solution.

Anti-Phishing and Brand Protection Services.

Security Operations Centre.

Vulnerability Management Tools.

Compromise Assessment.

Privileged Access Management Solution.

Unified Endpoint Management Solutions.

Endpoint Protection Platform.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics Solution.

Security Information and Event Management Solution (SIEM).

Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR).


Forensics Investigation Tools & Services.

Crisis Management & Incident Response.


Cybersecurity Professional Training & Certification.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

Cybersecurity Incident & Response Drill Exercise.